Brytemap PlanTR

PlanTR™ (Plan, Track, Report) provides growers with a unique and revolutionary seed-to-sale suite of tools designated to increase operational efficiency. Our state-of-the-art software helps you efficiently streamline your resources, optimize your costs, and maximize your cannabis or hemp crop yields. We give you the power to focus on growing your best product.

Automating the Grow Process

Whether you’re growing cannabis or hemp our business is to help you grow success. From your Brytemap PlanTR™ dashboard, enjoy a 360-degree view of your plant count, location, grow phases and active strains. You can schedule and review plantings, work orders, and harvests. Get segmented detailed views of your operation right down to the individual plant.

RFID-Based Plant Tracking

Get the most out of those costly METRC tags! Our RFID technology integrates with METRC, reducing tracking and reporting time. Always know where your batches and plants are in real time and eliminate costly data entry errors.

Plant Lifecycle Information and Cost Analysis

Real-time plant lifecycle information, stage growth management, and nutrient management help you maximize yields. Know every thing about your batch, right down to each plant with simple and intuitive reports. Understand your total costs and profit forecasts before you sell with our cost analysis tools.

Grow Analytics

Modern data collectors provide up-to-the minute environmental information- temperature, humidity, light, and CO2. Applying environmental analytics allows you to efficiently cultivate and place plants resulting in increased revenues.

Seamless METRC Integration

Dramatically reduce time spent in METRC from hours to minutes. PlanTR delivers the ability to manage your crops and have relevant information reported to METRC, saving you time and providing a complete view of your operation.