Frequently Asked Questions
  • How are you different than other competitors?
  • Our approach is simple. Provide and ensure that our clients can accurately deliver information to the states’ tracking and enforcement systems and remain compliant. That same data will be used to provide our clients with powerful insights in to their operations.

  • Where is my data stored?
  • All data is securely stored in our cloud and backed up automatically. No need for you to maintain servers or data centers.

  • Do I have access to my data?
  • Yes. 24 hours a day. Your data is your data.

  • Is my data secure?
  • Yes, all data is encrypted, segregated, and secured. Your data is backed up every 20 seconds with a backup to physical media every two hours ensuring expedient recovery.

  • How long does a typical install take?
  • An install will take less than a half of a day for cultivation, processor, and point-of-sale/retail operations clients. Our ERP package will take longer based on business needs.

  • What equipment is required to run Brytemap?
  • Brytemap is cloud based and works with most customer provided PCs. Our sensor array is a part of our service offering for cultivators. Brytemap recommends touchscreen PCs for our point-of-sale package.

  • Will Brytemap work on my mobile device?
  • Yes. Brytemap works on mobile devices, tablets, and PC’s.

  • Is Brytemap available in my state?
  • Brytemap works in most states. Contact us to learn more about your state requirements.

  • Does Brytemap work with RFID and bar codes?
  • Yes. Brytemap works with RFID and bar code inventory tracking.

  • What kind of reports are available for me to get insights about my business operations?
  • Brytemap provides a selection of common reports for our clients to satisfy most business needs. Custom reports can be generated using an integrated report writer for you to slice and dice your numbers in any way you like. You can easily create your own reports, or Brytemap can help build them for you.

  • What are the fees involved?
  • Brytemap is priced on a monthly subscription and pricing will vary according to size of the cannabis operation and packages selected. Contact us for more information on how Brytemap can help your business!

  • How does Brytemap help me meet my compliance challenges?
  • Contact us today for a demo.

  • What is ERP?
  • ERP stands for enterprise resource planning.

  • What is CRP?
  • CRP stands for cannabis resource planning’ and is our solution built for cannabis businesses.

  • Why does my business need an ERP?
  • Many companies use ERP software to automate and analyze their business procedures. An enterprise resource planning tool can be used to make results-based business decisions and can take the guesswork out of your choices. Companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop an ERP for their business. BrytemapCRP™ is a custom ERP for the cannabis industry. Whether you are a cultivator, processor, or dispensary, we have a powerful arsenal of tools for you. We eliminate the need to have separate software packages each for accounting, CRM, loyalty points, and more.

  • What features are available in your CRP™ package?
  • Brytemap CRP™ has many features such as:
  • Accounting
  • HR
  • Materials Resource Planning
  • Task Management
  • Task Recipe
  • Task Routing
  • Customer Relations Management (CRM)
  • Salesforce Automation
  • Loyalty Rewards Point Tracking
  • Automated Ordering
  • and much more!

  • Can Brytemap integrate with third party software?
  • Yes, Brytemap CRP™ integrates with other third party software, however, Brytemap CRP™ includes all the tools necessary for the cannabis industry without the need for additional software.

  • How much does the Brytemap CRP™ cost?
  • All features of the Brytemap CRP™ are included in the cost with any of our packages for cultivators, processors, or dispensaries. The ERP serves as the backend for Brytemap and serves to help you increase your profit margins.

  • How does Brytemap work?
  • Brytemap employs IoT (Internet of Things) technology to automatically collect data about your grow operation. We deploy data collectors that interface with RFID tags to geolocate plant positions as well as environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, CO2, and lux/lumens). Our cultivation package also allows the tracking of nutrient and treatment. Data is verified and validated before being recorded in data tables. The collected information is repackaged and automatically reported to your state’s compliance entity as often as required or desired. But Brytemap goes far beyond compliance. Brytemap Cultivate gives our clients insight into plants’ environmental conditions to make data-driven business decisions.

  • How many data collectors does my operation need?
  • The number of data collectors is dependent upon a number of factors including size and shape of the space, material composition of the walls, and the positional accuracy needed. Contact us for a free consultation and site survey today.

  • What is RFID?
  • RFID stands for radio frequency identification. This technology allows each plant to be tagged and automatically tracked based upon proximity to a data collector. RFID tags are passive, meaning they don’t need electricity to work as they are activated by a data collector on the same radio frequency as the tag.

  • Do I need to use RFID tags to track my plants?
  • No. You don’t need to use RFID tags to track your plants, however, Brytemap is built upon RFID technology to increase operational efficiency and collect data for internal analysis. While some states require the use of RFID tags, Brytemap has an economical way for our clients to print their own to access the full capability of our software.

  • We must tag hundreds of clones at a time. How Brytemap Cultivate save time for this process?
  • Brytemap Cultivate’s cloning operations will automatically generate a batch of RFID tag numbers based on the number of clones you want to create whether you want 20 or 20,000 (or more) with only a few clicks.

  • How does Brytemap allow me to document my waste?
  • Brytemap’s waste management allows a cultivator to attribute waste to one plant or spread it out to all plants in a grow room based on your state’s regulations.

  • We are a small operation. How does Brytemap increase operational efficiency?
  • Whether you are a small, niche operation or a high-volume processor, Brytemap allows our clients to plan and schedule resources to maximize productivity. Our resource scheduler provides tools for organizing everything from human resources to fixed assets like extraction equipment. Plan, organize, and implement your resource plan in the most efficient manner.

  • Much of our time is spent shipping and receiving product. How can Brytemap help us streamline these activities?
  • Brytemap is built to automate all manifesting operations. The Brytemap Process package provides tools for automating and verifying received products.

  • Our state has very strict guidelines for labeling our products. Can Brytemap provide state-compliant labels for our products?
  • Yes. Brytemap saves you time by automating the process of creating state-compliant labels.

  • How does Brytemap help me document waste product after processing?
  • After the oil has been extracted from the flower, plant waste must be documented and disposed based on state regulations. Brytemap tracks the weight of finished product and waste weight along with the plant ID and batch ID.

  • Our state requires dispensaries to track batch ID numbers and test results for all cannabis products sold. Can Brytemap track this information for us?
  • Yes. Brytemap has a full suite of retail operations tools for dispensaries. You can enter batch ID numbers, test results, and more in our inventory tracking window.

  • We use loyalty points to track and reward our best customers. Can Brytemap integrate with our third-party loyalty points system?
  • Yes. Brytemap integrates with all major loyalty points reward programs. However, Brytemap CRP™ (included with Brytemap POS) includes a loyalty points tracking system that can be customized to your practices.

  • Our state limits the amount a customer can purchase in a certain period. Can Brytemap track this for me?
  • Yes. Brytemap’s client queuing system is designed to integrate with Brytemap POS to track a customer’s available purchase quantity (in grams) in real-time for states that require such tracking.

  • We run several promotions and sale items at any given time. How can I automate this process at the register?
  • Brytemap understands that promotions help to draw customers to your dispensary but add complexity at the register. Our retail operations package allows dispensary owners or managers to create a variety of promotions such as percent/dollar discounts, buy x get y free, coupons, and more. Promotions and sales can be applied to one product or an entire category. Be as creative as you like.

  • Can Brytemap PoS use barcodes or RFID?
  • Yes. Brytemap can use barcodes or RFID technology to streamline your process.

  • Can we use existing equipment for your retail operations and PoS package?
  • Brytemap PoS works best on touchscreens. Depending on your PC’s specs, you most likely can use your existing PCs for Brytemap. Our sales engineers will verify during our initial survey. Brytemap can work with any budget to minimize your technology costs.

  • How can Brytemap help my budtenders increase sales?
  • Brytemap PoS has many features that streamline sales including access to customers’ transaction history, automatic tracking of buying limits, and product search functions. Multiple budtenders can use the same PoS terminal using ticketing, multi-user logins, and quick login/logout procedures. Sales can be tracked by the user, facilitating in-house sales competitions.