Automate. Unify. Simplify.

Next generation cannabis POS platform built with cultivators, & retailers in mind. Staying compliant and helping you Grow Success are Brytemap’s number one priority.


Reach greater business efficiency by automating cultivation, processing, and retail tracking.


Run your business from ONE platform. 3rd party integration are a thing of the past. Roll into 2022 with complete control and visability of your business.


Streamline reporting and tracking for increasingly stringent compliance regulations.

Our Solutions Suite

Run Your Business From ONE Platform


Brytemap GreenR

ONE platform to run your entire dispensary.

  • Point of Sale & Reporting
  • Promo Creator and Scheduler
  • E-Commerce from your POS 
    • No 3rd Party Integration 
  • Pre-Order
  • Loyalty & E-Mail Blasting
  • and so much MORE!

BrytePay / BryteBank

Brytemap offers POS merchant processing

  • Pays You $.25 Per-Transaction
  • Pre-Order and Pay Online
  • Compliant & Secure
  • Free ATM Services
  • Cash Vault Services

Brytemap Scout

Instant inventory self-audit capabilities for METRC operators

  • Portable Operating System
  • RFID Technology
  • Locate Plants & Packages
  • Resolve Compliance Issues


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