Cultivation Compliance in Minutes, Not Hours!

The first Metrc® integrated RFID handheld: Introducing Brytemap Scout™

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Automate. Unify. Simplify.

Brytemap Scout & Brytemap GreenR are next generation platforms built with cultivators, & retailers in mind. Staying compliant and helping you Grow Success are Brytemap’s number one priority.


Reach greater business efficiency by automating cultivation, processing, and retail tracking.


Reduce labor costs from grow to sale by eliminating manual data input.


Streamline reporting and tracking for increasingly stringent compliance regulations.


Empower your business to make data-driven decisions to maximize outputs.

Our Solutions Suite

Choose the package that’s right for your business.


Brytemap GreenR

ONE platform to run your entire dispensary.

  • Point of Sale & Reporting
  • Promo Creator and Scheduler
  • Pre-Order
  • Loyalty & Text Blasting
  • and so much MORE!

BrytePay / BryteBank

Brytemap has partnered with a nationally recognized leader in merchant processing to bring you BrytePay.

  • Pays You $.25 Per-Transaction
  • Pre-Order and Pay Online
  • Easy Sign Up
  • Completely Secure
  • Plus BryteBank
  • Free ATM Services
  • Cash Vault Services

Brytemap Scout

Instant inventory self-audit capabilities for METRC operators

  • Portable Operating System
  • RFID Technology
  • Locate Plants and Packages
  • Resolve Compliance Issues
  • Plant History

Brytemap Clients

We grow success by putting our customers first, and we strive for all customers to be a part of the Brytemap experience. At our core we’re about superior customer service, relentless innovation and the endless pursuit of your success.


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