Cannabis Dispensary Payment Solution, BrytePay

A Cannabis Payment Solution That Pays You! Navigating cannabis payment processing is a challenging operational task, and Brytemap is here to help your dispensary accept payments in the most seamless and cost-effective manner. BrytePay, is one of the most stable and cost-effective solutions for your marijuana dispensary to eliminate cash payments and increase security as less cash is funneled through your dispensary operations.

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Brytemap Offers BrytePay To Make Payment Safe & Easy

BrytePay is an excellent cashless cannabis payment solution for you.


Secure & Cannabis Compliant

BrytePay provides full transparency on payment processing to ensure transaction processing is compliant and secured within the regulatory scope of the cannabis and payment industry.


Safer For Delivery Drivers

We know the safety of your employees is a top priority. The less cash with your delivery drivers reduces the risk of encountering a dangerous situation. BrytePay offers peace of mind to you and your employees.


Increase your average order amount up to  54%

A recent study from the Copenhagen Business School revealed that by giving customers the opportunity to pay electronically instead of with cash, merchants see a 22-54% increase in the average customer order size.


In it together

Your ability to provide a seamless customer experience is crutial to the succes of your business. We provide technical assistance along with access to a client support portal 24/7. Why? Because your business operating at 100% is our number one priority.


Brytemap Pays You $.25 Per-Transaction

Operating a cannabis dispensary is an expensive proposition That’s why we’re proud to offer BrytePay, a secure, compliant, cannabis-friendly payment system that pays you $.25 per transaction.


Installation is a Breeze

Start accepting debit cards at your dispensary, submit payments directly to your bank account and easily reconcile your cashless terminals at the end of the day.