Brytemap Scout

Capture, Report, and Visualize Your Cannabis Cultivation Data in Minutes, Not Days!

Metrc integrated RFID handheld giving you control over your entire facility. Accurate inventory control and reporting are critical to the success of your business. Scout is a portable operating system that leverages RFID technology, helping you audit all tagged inventory, reduce time spent in Metrc with automatic reconciliation, exception reporting, run scans by location, date and RFID tag ranges, track plant history, unlimited users and so much more!
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Metrc Compliance

Capture, Report, and Visualize Your Facility’s Data

Scout will put the same tools in the hands of your team that the state has in theirs, which will save you hundreds of dollars a month in saved or re-purposed labor. Your team will thank you and the data you report will be more accurate. But why stop there? Why capture and provide this valuable business data to the state without it adding any value and insight to your business?

The Scout dash board gives you a visualization layer on top of your raw RFID data giving you a high-level view of your operation, including total plants in your facility with related growth phases, physical locations of all plants within your facility, and more. Additionally, Scout can reconcile reported data with actual data to produce exception reports that can be quickly uploaded to Metrc®.

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Why Scout?

6 Ways We’ve Got Your A$$ETS Covered


Reduce Costs

One person can do the job of 5 in ¼ of the time. The locate feature can quickly find and locate a plant or package without having to touch anything.

Immediate Reporting

Scout provides exception reporting right on the user interface and instant reconciliation.


Device can be used cost effectively by small or larger operators. Decreasing operational costs and increasing accuracy and cycle counting.


See plant or package and location details as reported to Metrc right on the screen, run scans according to; date range, RFID tag number, strain and more.


The Scout dash board is clean and easy to follow, giving you actionable information, and improved analytics decreasing operation costs.

Real-Time Risk Management

Tags are shown in real-time and displayed automatically by location. Mislocated plants and packages are identified in the user interface.