We’re very excited that our home town will be the epicenter of the cannabis industry in the coming week as the Cannabis Science Conference arrives at the Baltimore Convention Center from April 8th through 10th.

Billed as “the world’s largest and most technical cannabis science expo,” the CSC, like the industry itself, has grown exponentially over its few years of existence, attracting more than 3,000 attendees to the third conference last August.

One of the main reasons for the conference’s popularity is its Canna Boot Camp, a full-day, interactive workshop that offers a top-to-bottom look at the industry, from cultivation to sample prep to analytical testing to extraction. Sounds great … and it’s already sold out, sorry.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of great reasons for anyone with any interest in this burgeoning industry to attend: more than 200 exhibitors from all parts of the business are expected. And no matter what your interest, you’ll find informational sessions to help, from better lighting for growers to improved testing to boost the quality of finished products. And when we say the conference is about science, we’re not kidding: you’ll find sessions titled, “An Introduction to Endocannabiology” and “The Use of Microbiological Inoculants,” among many others.

Keynote speakers include Baltimore native Montel Williams, former talk-show host and founder of a cannabis firm; and the producer (Ricki Lake) and director (Abby Epstein) of an important film called Weed the People, which explores the personal stories of families using medicinal cannabis to fight cancer, and their struggles against entrenched bureaucracies.

Interested? Visit the Cannabis Science Conference website to learn more and get your tickets. Hope to see you there!

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