With any new software comes a learning curve, and as users navigate that curve they don’t want to wait around for answers to their questions. Sometimes there are technical hurdles to be overcome also, and again they want a direct path to the solutions.

That’s why we’re very pleased to report that Brytemap has chosen FreshDesk as the platform for our technical support portal. FreshDesk is part of FreshWorks, a suite of cloud-based business solutions that’s shown a steady track record of success and growth since 2010.

Our new site, support.brytemap.com, has a full complement of knowledge base articles to help clients find the answers they need quickly. There’s a user forum where they can interact with other Brytemap clients, and a ticket tracking system to make sure support requests are handled properly from start to finish.

FreshDesk is known for a clean user interface, and provides us with plenty of customization options to reflect Brytemap branding and style.

Brytemap agents can respond to tickets by attaching Knowledge Base articles, or with a quick response for commons issues like information requests. And we’ll always know where we stand, with the ability to track queries and find patterns that point towards software improvements and monitor response and resolution times to make sure we’re holding up our end of the SLA (Service Level Agreement) with our clients.

Perhaps most important, the automated features in FreshDesk will help us scale to a large customer base in accordance with our projections. The FreshDesk platform will support that growth, with integrated live chat and phone support, pre-built reporting that can be customized to our own needs, and even custom automations as our support team grows: certain issues automatically routed to agents with matching skills, billing questions to billing agents and even follow-up surveys when a ticket is closed.

We’re very excited to roll out this support platform and expect it to be a big part of the Brytemap story, now and well into the future.

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