As noted in our last post, we were a part of the Cannabis Science Conference right here in Baltimore last week. It’s always great to spend time with other industry leaders, especially in a business that’s still working towards widespread acceptance.

The conference was also the perfect opportunity to get some direct feedback on our products from the people who really matter. We’re always confident that our software offers a ton of great features and benefits, but putting it in front of those who will actually use it is where the rubber meets the road. So we were very interested to see which features would really resonate with this experienced and informed audience.

Here’s what we found out:
Inventory management is a huge hot button for show attendees, and the balance of flexibility and security offered by Brytemap was something they found really attractive. Many are currently using solutions that don’t allow them to authorize and track individual transactions by user, a major shortcoming.

We frequently heard that industry professionals are tired of juggling multiple software platforms – which may or may not be compatible with each other – to handle different aspects of their businesses. The Brytemap concept of a single, unified platform managing everything from seed to sale was very well received.

And some feedback we didn’t expect: in an industry with so many of its roots in places like Oregon and Colorado, attendees who live and work east of the Mississippi were thrilled to learn there’s an East Coast-based company to do business with. I’m not sure I’d put that in our top 10 selling points … but we’ll take it.

If you didn’t make the show and want to see what you missed, contact us. Hope to see you next time!