Jerry Garcia may have said it best when he coined the phrase “what a long strange trip it’s been,” and we are ever so grateful to have been along for this particular ride.


Back in June of 2020, Apothca Dispensary was up and running but dissatisfied with their current POS software provider, a frustration many dispensary owners and operators are all too familiar with. Like the sound, well-run business they are, Apothca decided to see what other options were out there and started vetting other possible cannabis software solutions.


At the time, Brytemap made the list of contenders, and we were proud to be among the ranks of many well-known POS providers. We put our best foot forward but unfortunately came up a little short. We still needed a few enhancements and being relatively unknown at the time added uncertainty about our longevity. So we didn’t make the cut at that time.


Fast forward two years and our paths crossed again, and thanks to some changing circumstances we got that rare second chance. Knowing that our products had grown technically and were even more competitive, we knew we could offer Apothca what they needed to meet their scaling needs. This time we did make the cut, shook hands, and started the migration process.


So, at this point we could have shared our regular ‘welcome new client’ post. We are, after all, genuinely thrilled with every company that puts their faith in us to help keep them compliant, to provide software that meets their shifting demands, and to deliver real business control and profitable insights.


But if we had done that we would have missed the opportunity to highlight this particular journey. How often do companies give another solutions provider a second look? A chance to show them what’s been updated, all the new features, how we’ve evolved, and how we can fill their needs … today versus two years ago. It takes shrewd business acumen and a deep understanding of technology and business growth to give another opportunity to a technical provider to show we’re the best solution.


So, today we wanted to officially welcome Apothca of Oregon to the Brytemap family!  We’re proud to be associated with you, and even more proud of the Brytemap team for all the forward progress that put us back in the conversation two years later. We look forward to being good stewards of your POS and eCommerce needs, we take the job seriously, and we won’t let you down!

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