Brytemap introduces a handheld RFID compliance tool for cannabis growers and dispensaries.

BALTIMORE, Jan. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Brytemap, a Maryland-based technology provider to the legalized cannabis industry, recently introduced Scout, an all-new addition to the Brytemap suite of software solutions.

Unveiled at the MJBiz conference in Las Vegas in December, Scout is designed to help cannabis growers, processors and dispensaries leverage RFID for instant inventory audits and reconciliation.
“In the many conversations we’ve had with stakeholders in all areas of the industry, the thing we hear most consistently is that Metrc® compliance continues to be a challenge and priority,” said Bryan Lopez, Founder and CEO of Brytemap.

“We hear stories ranging from RFID tags being absentmindedly put in peoples’ pockets, to substantial fines being assessed because a grower threw out a tag they believed to be damaged, or tags being applied to plants without having been assigned in Metrc®.”

“Brytemap’s Scout RFID-based handheld device addresses those issues head-on by allowing instant inventory auditing and item location through our technology. Growers can better track plants, processors and dispensaries can prevent misplacing package tags, and everyone can stay in compliance much more easily,” Lopez continued.

Built on Android-based technology and residing on a Zebra® RFID handheld device, Scout offers up-to-the-minute plant inventory and reconciliation for operators in states utilizing Metrc®, and quick resolution of compliance inconsistencies that if left unchecked could lead to warnings and hefty fines. Scout is also capable of locating missing tags through its triangulation feature.
“We know of no other product that does what Scout does,” said Lopez. “For the cost of a single fine, the device pays for itself, not to mention the dramatic reduction of hours spent auditing inventory by hand or barcode.”

About Brytemap
Brytemap is a Software as a Service technology provider for the legalized medical and recreational cannabis industry. Using the most innovative technology available on the market, Brytemap is focused on creating a user experience that increases sales and profitability for their clients in the areas of cultivation, processing and retail. Please visit for more details.

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