If you’re a grower or processor, chances are pretty good that one or more of these things have happened to you:


• Searching high and low for a missing RFID tag, only to finally find it … in the wrong room.

• Being fined by the commission because they found what you thought was a destroyed tag stuck to the inside of a trash can.

• Wasting hours looking for a missing package that wound up at the bottom of a bin in the storage room.

• Still might be using clip boards, pencil, or better yet, a bar code scanner to keep track of the thousands of tags in your facility, costing you hours of productivity just to stay in the good graces of your friendly inspectors

For these reasons and many others, Brytemap is proud to introduce Scout. We know of no other product like it, which is probably why so many people were so excited when we introduced it this past December at MJBiz Conference in Las Vegas.

Designed for METRC operators

Scout is all about compliance … and saving you valuable time and expense. Scout is a reconciliation tool that delivers instant inventory self-audit capabilities for growers, processors, and retailers. So simple and so easy to use…it’s very simply a must-have for your compliance needs.

Running on a compact, light and portable handheld device (Zebra TC20 and RFD 2000 Sled), and using a familiar Android operating system, Scout leverages RFID technology to offer instant audits of plants and packages in your facility.

Scout will:handheld

• Swiftly locate missing tags, plants or packages. The Geiger counter sounds pretty cool.

• Quickly resolve compliance issues that potentially lead to hefty fines.

• Offer an up-to-the-minute plant history, right at your fingertips.

In short, Scout helps growers, processors and retailers tame their biggest headache: compliance.

If you’re into saving time and money learn more about Brytemap Scout or Schedule a Demo Today!

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