People in real estate like to say that the three most important things are, “Location, location, location.” In our industry, that translates to “Compliance, compliance, compliance.” Cannabis businesses that can’t track and trace adequately aren’t going to be around for very long. Seed-to-sale tracking isn’t a wish-list item, but a must-have.

That’s why we were so interested to see the news that the state of Maine is finalizing plans to welcome Metrc as their new provider of track-and-trace services for the medical and adult-use cannabis market (see the official announcement here). This follows a misstep with other vendors who agreed to terminate their contract due to their inability to fulfill its requirements … talk about a costly error.

We have long understood that Metrc is the gold standard in seed-to-sale compliance, which is why the Brytemap suite of software products has been designed with Metrc in mind. And it’s not a coincidence that our COO, Scott Denholm, is the former Executive Director of Metrc … no one has a better or more well-rounded understanding of the industry as a whole and the compliance needs of our clients.

Our BryteScout product is all about compliance, literally putting RFID tracking technology in the hands of your employees (more about BryteScout here). Every plant and every package has up-to-the minute history and location information, because the alternative is confusion and potentially devastating fines for noncompliance.

So, congratulations to Maine on making the right call. We knew it all along.

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