If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that even the very best dispensary software won’t be of much help if your employees don’t’ – or can’t – use it correctly. We’re confident that Brytemap GreenR is the right cannabis POS software solution for dispensaries, and the better your team understands it, the more efficient you’ll be.

We believe GreenR is very user-friendly, but as with anything new, there’s a learning curve. Taking the time for proper training, both prior to launch and on an ongoing basis, will help to ensure that it works for you to do everything you need it to, from METRC compliance to inventory counts to patient allotments, reporting, promotions, loyalty scheduler and so much more!

Often there is some resistance to anything that brings change to the workplace. That’s why a great training effort begins with setting clear expectations from ownership/management about how the software will be used (and why), and establishing specific timetables for learning.

We’re here to help, from pre-installation training to a robust support system to help your team learn as they go. Change is good. Change that makes your business more efficient is even better. We’re here to help get your team on board, up to speed and support them as long as you use GreenR!

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