Operating a cannabis dispensary is an expensive proposition even before the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, with varying restrictions in place, and with many cannabis dispensaries and retailers having to offer delivery services, it’s become even more costly and more difficult to keep your cannabis payment transactions secure and safe.

That’s why we’re proud to offer BrytePay, a secure, compliant, cannabis-friendly digital payment solution. BrytePay is the result of our partnership with a nationally-recognized leader in merchant processing, and it not only checks all the boxes you need checked in a payment system, it provides a passive income stream instead of another expense. More on that in a moment.

BrytePay enables prompt, direct transactions from a customer’s checking account to your bank account to make cash a thing of the past. It’s fully compliant and secure within the regulatory scope of the cannabis industry. Studies show an increase in sales when merchants offer a debit card option, and BrytePay does just that.

Setup is quick and easy, cannabis payments are routed directly to your bank account, and at the end of the day your cashless terminal reconciliation is a snap. And if you’re among the dispensaries that have had to create a delivery system on the fly over these past few months, BrytePay is a safer option for your drivers. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your team isn’t running around with lots of cash.

BEST OF ALL, the fee structure for BrytePay becomes a source of passive revenue, not another expense. Instead of paying a percentage of each transaction to a credit card processor, you make a small profit every time you complete a transaction. We know of no other cannabis payment processing system that puts money back in your pocket.

Want to know more about the secure, industry-compliant solution that pays you for each transaction? Schedule a BrytePay demo today.

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