You run a cannabis dispensary. Other people run cannabis dispensaries. And you sell the same products from the same growers. So why should a customer come to you instead of them, and how will you keep that customer coming back?

The answers are in Brytemap’s GreenR point-of-sale software. Our Promotions and Loyalty Scheduler gives you that extra bit of awesome you need to stand out from the crowd.

Studies show that 69% of consumers allow their shopping decisions to be influenced by loyalty or rewards programs, and there’s no reason to believe cannabis consumers are any different. In addition, 58% say they shop at least monthly at places where they’re enrolled in a loyalty program. And any business in any industry will tell you that the best customer is a repeat customer, especially when you look at the cost of acquiring a new customer.

But who has time to set up all those points and promotions? You do, because the functionality is baked right into GreenR. Set-and-forget scheduling allows you to plan months in advance, knowing that everything will happen on the schedule you determine. Plan out your promotions, points programs and status levels, set it up and let it happen.

Do you know the fastest way to get a nasty online review? Send a promotion to your customer and then have it not happen automatically at the register. The longer a customer has to wait, the more unhappy they get. That’s why we’ve streamlined the entire process into one package: any program can send promotional texts or email blasts, but with GreenR those communications are integrated into your POS so there’s never confusion at checkout.

All of that functionality is standard in GreenR: no upgrades, no plugins or third-party add-ons, just software that works to keep your customers coming back. And the Promotions and Loyalty Scheduler is only one of the many features – POS, METRC compliance, inventory counts, patient allotments, mass text messaging and more – built into our comprehensive GreenR product.

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