The State of Colorado was not only the first to legalize recreational cannabis, but managed legalization in a way that has served as a model for other states, the ones that have gotten it right, anyway. The results speak for themselves, as by mid-2019 cannabis sales had reached $3 billion and accounted for some 3% of Colorado’s state revenues overall.

One of the details Colorado got right was the licensing structure for cannabis growers. Licenses for medical cultivation facilities are offered in three classes (1-500 plants; 501-1,500; and 1,501-3,000), while recreational growers have a five-tier structure ranging all the way up to 13,800 plants.

Those are very wide ranges, but what they all have in common (as with most states) is that every plant must be tracked and documented from planting to harvest and transfer, and that documentation must be delivered to the state via Metrc®’s track and trace compliance platform.

That can be an awful lot of Metrc®  cannabis tracking and compliance reporting, and marijuana cultivators moving up from one Colorado licensing tier to the next will find themselves quickly outgrowing the clipboard, pen-and-paper method as it consumes more and more of their time. It only takes a few hours of searching for a missing plant, or a hefty fine for an improperly-disposed-of RFID tag, to make a cannabis grower realize there must be a better way.

There is, and that’s the reasoning behind Scout from Brytemap. Scout is the first Metrc-integrated handheld device, and it’s designed to accommodate full compliance in minutes, not hours.

The Scout app uses a real-time connection to Metrc® to download and reconcile inventory, all in a familiar, Android-based operating system. The device offers read ranges of 10 to 15 feet with no line of sight required, so you don’t have to move plants around anymore. In fact, our RFID technology overall offers a 10X improvement in speed.

When there is an issue, Scout helps to triangulate and locate any missing plants or packages. No more needle-in-a-haystack searches, just fast and accurate plant histories and inventories, and quick resolution of any compliance issues.

All of that is why premier organizations like Dank use Brytemap’s products. If your Colorado growing business is growing, utilizing tools like Scout reduces your headaches and streamlines your processes.

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