On the state-by-state spectrum of legalization, Missouri lands somewhere in the middle. Medical cannabis use was legalized in 2018, and marijuana has been decriminalized since 2017. Full legalization for recreational use has yet to happen, though, and a 2020 lobbying effort to accomplish that was tabled due to the pandemic.

For cultivators in Missouri, then, it’s all about medicinal cannabis for the time being. Launching and running a growing business is very competitive (a maximum of 60 licenses statewide) and costly (the application fees alone range from $10,000 to $25,000). So any measures that can make operations more efficient and cost effective are likely to be welcome.

As with everywhere else, one of the bigger efficiency challenges is the required plant tracking and reporting that must be delivered to the state via Metrc®, the industry standard for compliance. Many growers find this to be a huge and time-consuming hill to climb, and the penalties for a misstep in the form of a missing or improperly tracked plant can be huge.

In short, pen and paper won’t cut it here, nor will bar-code scanning. Manual tracking of every plant in spaces as large as the Missouri state limit of 30,000 square feet is not only impractical, but invites human error … followed by those big fines for being out of compliance.

That’s why we created Scout from Brytemap, the first Metrc-integrated handheld device, designed from the ground up to achieve compliance in minutes, not hours.

A real-time connection between Scout and Metrc® allows cultivators to download and reconcile inventory in a familiar, Android-based OS. There’s no longer any need to relocate plants to accomplish an accurate inventory: Scout can read RFID tags from 10 to 15 feet away with no line of sight. Does that make things go faster? It sure does. Many users see a 10x improvement in inventory speed.

Missing a plant or package? Use Scout to triangulate and locate it. No more turning the whole facility upside down over a single discrepancy. Instead, a fast and accurate inventory. And if compliance issues do turn up, you’ll be able to resolve them quickly.

There’s much more, all of which adds up to total control over your cannabis cultivation operations. Protect that investment and get more efficient … learn more about Scout from Brytemap.

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