For many dispensaries, partnering with a cannabis eCommerce only tech platform is an appealing option. It can make setting up delivery systems easier and faster than managing it all internally. However, it is important to consider the value of the customer data and who will control it when making this decision.

Customer data is extremely valuable, as it can be parsed to provide useful insights into customer behavior and preferences. Knowing these trends can be integral to making informed decisions that drive growth in an increasingly competitive marketplace. If a dispensary chooses to partner with an eCommerce only tech platform, they should have a comprehensive understanding of how the provider is using their data. Is it being shared with other markets? How secure is their platform?

In addition to considering the handling of customer data, dispensaries must also consider who will have control over the data when partnering with an eCommerce only tech platform. The platform itself might heavily benefit if they gain access to valuable customer insights or are allowed to use them in different markets. But this leaves smaller concerns at a disadvantage in terms of competing in the larger market, so dispensaries should ensure that they remain in control over their own customer data even when utilizing third-party platforms.

When looking for an alternative solution, dispensaries may want to consider Brytemap’s Cannabis eCommerce solution built on the AWS platform for maximum scalability and security. This allows businesses to retain full control over their own customer data while still benefiting from a top-of-the-line delivery/e-commerce system. Moreover, this solution is highly secure and reliable as well as cost effective for those on a budget.

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