As the cannabis industry figures out a path forward on a state-by-state basis, eCommerce continues to grow. As with the restaurant industry, what was a necessity during the pandemic – contactless delivery – came to be an expectation of consumers, who have grown used to the convenience.

So to keep up in an increasingly competitive marketplace, many dispensaries are looking towards eCommerce, and the process brings a major choice: Does it make more sense to run delivery/e-commerce internally or to partner with one of the cannabis eCommerce only tech platforms?

The allure of the latter option is obvious and it’s easy to be sold on the benefits of a plug-in platform that specializes in eCommerce. But that decision comes with two important questions: How valuable is your customer data, and who controls it?

The answer to the first question, of course, is “priceless.” The answer to the second one might be a little murkier. If all of your customer data is running through a third party’s platform, you’d better make sure you have a comprehensive understanding of what they’re doing to protect it and how they’re using it. Is your data going to be parsed to profile customers in other markets? That might benefit the provider, but it doesn’t help you. Fueling the growth of an ever-larger powerhouse makes it even harder for smaller concerns to compete.

Consider instead an eCommerce solution available with your own POS. Safe and secure, and you and you alone are in control of your data. Brytemap’s Cannabis eCommerce solution is built on the AWS platform for maximum scalability, and our own background is in network security. We began our company – and begin our relationship with you – with cannabis dispensary security in mind.

Most important, when your eCommerce solution runs on your POS, you don’t have to stay up nights wondering who’s doing what with your precious customer data.

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