If you run a cannabis dispensary, you have plenty of decisions to make, but one, in particular, is pretty fundamental: Should you use a variety of cannabis software platforms, each targeting a single need like point-of-sale, loyalty, e-commerce, cannabis payment systems or should you seek a comprehensive dispensary platform that checks all the boxes at once?

Let’s take a look:

There are many industry software offerings that do one thing and do it well. So it would follow that if you seek out the best-in-class product for each individual need, the end result will be best-in-class performance, right?

In theory, yes. In practice, maybe not so much.

The problem with this approach:

  1. Your cannabis dispensary isn’t a collection of individual silos that can operate independently. It’s a single, unified operation, and if your cannabis POS software doesn’t communicate well with your loyalty program, for example, it costs you time.
  2. Multiple platforms means multiple on-boarding sessions with each company inevitably costing you time trying to learn and on-board crucial employees for each individual platform.
  3. Multiple reports can become cumbersome and fragmented, your business analytics are vital to making informed decisions.
  4. Every integration is another monthly expense, individual providers come at a premium cost as each platform is trying to maintain a complete eco-system of their own.
  5. Not one POS platform offers a built-in cannabis payment system like BrytePay. BrytePay is not only a GreenR standard, we give you the hardware for free AND we pay you $.25 per transaction processed, we are confident your current cannabis payment POS terminals are not generating passive revenue.
  6. Choosing individual programs to patch together the crucial aspects of your dispensary business is prone to fingering pointing. Think about the last issue you needed support for an integration problem. Chances are high that the vendor blamed another software product, and that you wound up chasing your tail and wasting even more time. You spend your days putting out software fires while the bigger-picture tasks your business needs are neglected.

That’s why we created GreenR™ (pronounced “greener”). It’s a single platform to handle all of those issues without the integration issues and wasted time. And when you spend less time on integration and less time on training, that translates to more time to focus on your business.

The GreenR™ platform integrates POS, pre-orders, e-commerce, texting and emailing, loyalty and promotions, inventory management, as well as automated real time Metrc compliance and our built in cannabis payment system that actually pays you $.25 per transaction processed. We truly offer One platform that does it all, not a half dozen that don’t get along with each other.

Learn more about GreenR™ and see how it can streamline your operations and how it can free you to work on your business instead of working in your business. Schedule a demo today.

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