Over the last three years of cannabis dispensary POS implementations across the country, 30% of the support tickets we received were hardware related. That’s why managed IT services are a cornerstone offering to our overall deliverable to customers seeking a flexible and stable retail Cannabis POS experience.

Our goal is to deliver a seamless support experience to customers so that when they call or email, we can quickly troubleshoot the problem and resolve it. We’re able to do that because we have full visibility of that dispensary’s network, from the switches to the firewalls to the access points. By layering managed services on top of our cloud-based software, we’re able to substantially improve key metrics like network security, performance, and stability. When all of these are implemented in concert, we can often respond to and resolve a support ticket in under 1 hour. No finger-pointing, no “that’s not our issue,” just prompt solutions that keep dispensaries running.

Bryan Lopez

In one example, a client’s label printer went offline because of a wireless setting change made by an employee to the network. Others have left too many windows open on their POS stations, which can cause caching performance issues to such a degree that the POS grinds to a halt.  In another, critical instance, a managed firewall has thwarted threats like the recent Log4J vulnerability that allowed hackers to remotely deploy malicious code on targeted computers. Finally, while cannabis POS companies boast of “offline modes,” we actually build in redundancy in case of an ISP outage by adding a cellular backup to our managed service. This ensures that our POS stays up and running – and communicating with state regulatory systems – in real-time.

You’ve spent so much time, money, and effort to get your business open and running that it’s worth asking the question: Can your business afford to not have a full-time, comprehensive IT resource that’s just a phone call away? Your POS system is mission-critical to your dispensary … you can’t open your doors without it. An offering that combines network IT managed services with a highly intelligent cannabis POS platform, delivering 99%+ uptime, should be considered an indispensable part of your dispensary operations.

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