With Missouri being relatively new to the medical marijuana business – the first dispensaries opened in October of 2020 – it’s no surprise that a graph of sales statewide shows a more or less unbroken upward line. Cannabis revenues have gone from zero to just about $19 million in less than five months.

That’s most likely just the beginning, as projected sales for 2021 are in the $225 million range while some foresee $650 million by 2024 (source: MJBizDaily). And that’s only medical sales. Should Missouri follow the nationwide trend of adding recreational cannabis, those numbers could grow exponentially.

In any business, keeping pace with rapid sales growth is a huge challenge. Systems must be designed in a way that allows them to scale, or operations ranging from inventory tracking to customer service will suffer. In the cannabis industry that means not only unhappy customers but exposure to hefty fines for noncompliance as inventory is mismanaged or misplaced.

If Missouri does follow the path to legalizing recreational marijuana in the not-too-distant future, that will mean many more dispensaries competing for those same dollars … and the loyalty of their customers.

The software component of any dispensary operation is vital to managing growth, and it makes little sense to take a piecemeal approach. With one system for inventory management, another for point of sale and yet another for customer loyalty programs … well, that’s just asking for software conflicts and hours of wasted time trying to get everything to work together.

That’s why we created GreenR™ as a single, seamless solution for dispensary operations. From check-in to point of sale, from inventory management to Metrc compliance, from texting and emailing to E-commerce and loyalty programs, GreenR™ brings your dispensary operations under a single integrated umbrella.

As the cannabis industry in Missouri continues to grow, your dispensary can grow with it. And you can spend your time working on making your business even better, not resolving software conflicts and compliance issues.

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